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Veteran Land Buyers IS THE MOST TRUSTED LOCAL LAND BUYER IN the Arkansas Area

We pride ourselves in our integrity and work ethic to do the right thing with experience and expertise in our field of work. We help you achieve your vision!

Veteran Land Buyers is the area’s premier land buying & selling solutions company, and since our inception, we have helped land owners in each and every city we work in.

Through our extensive knowledge of the business, network of resources, and years of expertise, we are able to assist land owners with a wide variety of real estate needs and concerns. We pride ourselves on our reputation for working one-on-one with each client to handle their individual situations.

With the ability to directly purchase land and make cash offers, we can create an extremely fast, and hassle-free transaction.  We’re not listing your land for you but buying it directly.

Our mission is to help land owners get the cash they deserve out of their land. Call us today and let’s see how we can work together!

We not only purchase land but also sell land. If you are dreaming of owning land for whatever your heart desires, we can help. If we don’t have land to sell directly to you, we can connect you with our extensive network or we’ll go out and find the perfect piece of land for you!

Veteran Land Buyers is truly committed to helping each individual client. We focus on fast response, integrity, and over-delivering on client service. By putting the client’s needs first, whether selling or buying land, we can help you realize your ideal outcomes.

Meet the Team


Co-Founder & COO

It truly is a joy to work with such high caliber people that share the same vision of making and impact in our customers lives as well as our own. My favorite part is knowing that everyone here lives out our Core Value of Believing In People.


Co-Founder & CEO


Operations Coordinator

The realm of land real estate is a captivating journey, and I am delighted to witness the positive impact that Veteran Land Buyers can achieve.


Acquisitions Specialist

Our mission at Veteran Land Buyers “Turn one person's unwanted land into another person's field of dreams” motivates me to show up every day to make that goal people have in life possible.


Acquisitions Specialist

What I love most about being a part of Veteran Land Buyers is the ability to help property owners convert their unused land into positive assets for them so they can achieve their goals.

About us

We’re not your average land buyers.  Our founders bring over 30 years of dedication serving in the United States military and 15 years of experience in real estate.  Our core values drive every decision we make and relationship we develop.


We hold ourself accountable. We’re hyper focused on the outcome and don’t get distracted.


We have the power of the internet at our fingertips – we can figure it out. We don’t give up at the first sign of an issue; there is always a way!


Have faith in others abilities. Do right by the other person.


We never give up no matter how hard it gets! We have a can-do attitude & do everything with passion.


We set an example for others to follow. We do everything with confidence, conviction and humility.

Our Mission

Turn one person’s unwanted land into another person’s field of dreams.


To build something that makes a difference.

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